Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rescue Beauty Lounge Week: Coral

In 2014, I started a monthly theme week.
This year, I thought I'll continue with a similar version.
Instead of a theme week,
I'm going to do a brand week.
While cleaning my closet,
I came to realise that there were just brands that I had neglected,
so I thought I'll dedicate a week each month to some of these brands.
And kicking off 2015's brand week will be Rescue Beauty Lounge.
I actually have more than 20 bottles of them,
all sitting in a nice little basket untried.
Surely, that in itself must be a sin,
given how much I spent on each bottle plus shipping.
2 coats + HK Girl TC
I'm in love with this particular one.
It's a lovely, vibrant shade of (haha!) coral that goes on perfectly in 2 coats.
Even a couple of colleagues and friends have commented on how lovely this shade was!
I can just see myself picking this up over and over again.



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