Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nicole by OPI Glitters for Holiday 2011: Glitter in my Stocking

I've been cleaning my polish closet recently,
and found quite a number of polishes that I had forgotten that I had.
This was one of those "lost-and-found"
NOPI Glitter in my Stocking,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Warm gold glitter with a generous smattering of red and silver glitters as well.

Well, cleaning my polish closet also means that I've been pulling out polish for destash as well.
So watch out for a purge post soon!



beachgal said...

I really like these glowing NOPI polishes - when they get one right they really get 'em right - I have an all time winter on my toes shade I covet the 2 bottles I have - it's the same kind of loaded formula called Just Busta Mava - it's glorious - there was another one in that collection that was a goodie too named For Gold Times Sake - the latter is a green and I don't really tend to like green polish on myself - like green but not in polish on me but this one is really nice.

Berry T said...

I have the 2 that you mentioned! Just Busta Mava and For Gold Times Sake! And I completely agree with you! I'm not a NOPI fan; the bottle shapes irks me too. But when they get it right, the polishes are just gorgeous!

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