Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Presents for Myself

I've been trying to keep to a low buy the past few weeks.
I've realised that The Stash is now out of hand,
I can't even remember which ones I've worn and which ones I've not!
But then I figured Christmas was a good excuse for me to get some Christmas presents for myself!
Even if it was just 4 polishes.
The China Glaze All Aboard finally hit my favourite store,
and I bought myself the 3 that I had been eyeing all along:
Choo-Choo Choose You, Lug your Designer Baggage, and Mind the Gap.
Then I happened to chance upon Lippmann Xanadu at a departmental store,
and I decided it should also come home with me.
The good people at Born Pretty Store also contacted me to do some reviews.
Well, since I've pretty much been using their nail art stuff already,
I figured why not?
I was allowed to choose 4 items for review:
A packet of blue feathers and some nail guides.
I've been wanting to try a feather manicure for a long time,
so this was a good opportunity for me to get started.
A packet of water decals and some reindeer glitters.
Yes, yes. I know. More water decals?
When I already have tons from them?
What can I say. I'm a sucker for pretty water decals.
And as I was browsing through their site to make my choices,
I found so many more items that I wanted.
When I realised I was still thinking about them a week later,
I decided to just go get them myself.
Yes. More water decals.
And tons of nail wraps.
Nail wraps are going to be my next craze.
And some really cute nail studs that I just couldn't resist.
So it looks like there's going be some reviews coming up soon!


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