Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014: Reindeers for Christmas

My apologies for the short hiatus!
I went away for a short trip to Bangkok over the past few days,
and didn't have enough time to set up posts for while I was away.

In fact, I just got back!
And barely in time for a Christmas Eve post!
Anyway, today I have for you reindeer glitters that the good people from Born Pretty Store sent over.
I have to say,
these were pretty cute reindeer glitters.
I just stuck them on with a dab of base coat on the back,
and sealed them with topcoat.
These reindeer glitters were listed as being about 3 mm in size.
I managed to get them flat on my nails and they didn't poke or snag on anything at all.
A plus point in my opinion.
Just felt that my idea of a manicure didn't do them enough justice.
My taping was horridly screwed up,
plus I managed to hit my pinky on the table.
Something I've not done for quite a long while.
If you're interested in getting these reindeers, here's a link to the item.
And an additional plus! A promo code!
Key in BERRYG10 for a 10% discount when you check out at Born Pretty Store!



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