Sunday, November 16, 2014

Movember: Moustached Half-Moons

I thought I'll never get pictures of these,
we've been getting gloomy weather these days.
I ran down to get these pictures when I woke up to a bout of sunshine today.
Just in time too!
It turned dark and started pouring once I was done!
I've been nagging at my family to get their health screening done.
These nails are in honour of my dad and brother.
They're simple folks who prefer things to be non-complicated,
hence I went for a really simple look.
Items used:
Essie Borrowed and Blue,
Elianto Alice Blue,
and the moustache charm is from Born Pretty Store.
I have to say, this manicure held up pretty well.
This was the third day and amazingly,
my charm was still securely attached.



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