Thursday, October 2, 2014

Asian: Tony Moly Nail Shuffle Collection: SH05 Step Blue

Another late night post.
It's turning into a busy week again.
And it absolutely does not help that I'm doing glitter removal this late at night,
when all I really want to do is quickly get into bed.
Culprit for making me get to bed later than I want to:
Tony Moly SH05 Step Blue,
3 coats + HK Girl TC
Multi-coloured matte glitter in a smurf blue jelly.
I believe there are a total of 5 polishes in this Nail Shuffle collection from Tony Moly.
However, this was the one that caught my eye right from the start.
I loved the blue base in the bottle
and it didn't disappoint on the nails either.
Quite an eye-catching combination I must say.
In fact, one colleague commented that it looked good enough to pass of as a form of nail art.


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