Monday, October 6, 2014

Asian: Lollipop Trees

Last instalment of this round of theme week,
and I decided to finish it off with some nail art.
RMK Autumn 2011 Dusty Bright Collection:
EX06 Green (LE).
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
This is the only nail polish I own from RMK,
and it had been sitting around in The Stash for quite some time.
Wonder why though.
This one is absolutely gorgeous.
Dusty mid-tone olive green with copper-gold shimmer running through it.
Gold shimmers usually make my hands look sick,
but for some reason,
this one worked miracles.
And I loved it so much,
I decided to use it as a backdrop for some nail art.
While I was painting this one,
I wasn't too sure if it was working.
Sent my friends a pic of the work-in-progress in a group chat,
and asked if they could tell what I was trying to do.
Me: Hey can you guys tell what I'm trying to paint here?
Friend 1: Trees!
Friend 2: Yup, those are trees right?
Friend 1: Apple trees?
Me: Ok, not too bad. At least you guys can tell they're trees.
Friend 1: But what kind of trees you doing?
Friend 3: Looks like fall to me
Friend 4: I thought those were flowers on trees! You mean you were trying to do apples?
Friend 5: What apple trees? I thought those were lollipops!
Heh. I guess you know where the title came from.



Elin the Cupcake Cat said...

Love the autumn trees!!!!!!

Berry T said...

Thank you Elin :)

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