Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Picture Polish Collaboration Shade: Tail Feather

One of my more recent purchases.
I haven't been buying much polish these days.
Instead, I seem to have this purge of wanting to clear out The Stash.
My polish closet has been getting too messy despite my best attempts at organisation.
Tail Feather by Kayla Shevonne.
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Bright mint-green polish with multi-coloured shimmer.
In direct sunlight, the shimmer comes together as a silver sheen.
The individual colours in the multi-coloured shimmer were only more apparent in the shade
or in low lights.
The only slight drawback was it's thicker formula.
The first 2 coats I put on were a bit patchy as a result,
but a third coat would even it out.
Apart from that,
I adored the fresh and pretty colour of Tail Feather.
Of course, the next time is to see how I can use this in nail art.



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