Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Weathered

My sincere apologies once again for the long break between posts.
I've been on meds, and at the same time,
swamped with some personal stuff.
But hopefully, the blog will now be back to normal.
Anyway, I was thinking about being under the weather,
and in a silly turn of thoughts,
figured I should do something along the lines of being weathered.
I ended up combining 2 of my favourite nail art styles:
the distressed method and water decals.
Again, please excuse the cuticles.
I'm trying desperately to baby them back into shape.
Items used:
OPI Did You 'ear about Van Gogh?,
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls,
OPI OPI Scores a Goal!, and
water decals from Born Pretty Store
Despite the ragged cuticles and the idea of being weathered,
I loved this set of nail art.
There was a vintage feel about it,
and for some strange reason,
that brought me some comfort.
I'm going to try replicate the weather wood look with some stamping someday.
Hopefully, that would look good as well.



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