Monday, September 22, 2014

Dance Legend Lumos Collection: Orlando

Another Dance Legend love.
And I only realised after I bought Orlando,
that the Lumos Collection was Harry Potter themed!
Another plus, the light built into the cap!
It makes me feel like I'm holding onto a lighted wand.
And now I must get my hands on Nox in this same collection.
Just so I can switch on the light, shout "Nox!" and switch it off.
*Cheap thrill*
1 coat Orlando over Orly Saturated,
topped with HK Girl TC.
Multi-coloured flakies in a pinkish-purple tinted base.
This looks really good.
I told a friend that these were rainbow-hued fish scales.
She ended up looking at pet shops for fishes,
because my "nails were so pretty, (I) want a real-life rainbow fish to look at"
And how could I not do a matte flakie manicure with this!
1 coat Orlando over Chanel Orage,
topped with Nubar V for Men Matte TC.



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