Sunday, September 28, 2014

Asian: No Time Butterflies

First. I realised I haven't done a theme week at all for September,
and since this is the last week of September,
I figured I should just get theme week in.
Having said that though,
I barely have time for nail art the past few days.
My dad had to go for surgery
which meant I had to help out at home,
and there was a lot of sudden work deadlines to meet all at once.

So yeah.
Nails were the last on my mind the past week.
Even the nail art I put together for today's post was a rushed job.
And it shows.
So anyway,
I saw that I have been neglecting some of the Japanese and Korean polishes in The Stash.
Primarily because most of them are glitter bombs,
and while I love them on the nails,
I dread the removal.
So I thought I might as well dedicate a week to them.
At least I can wear some
and not feel so bad about buying so many of them.
Hence today's nail art.

I thought I could do a quick glitter gradient and stick on some water decals.
But I guess I grabbed the wrong glitter.
Polish used here:
Estessimo TINS #029 The Surf Boy.
Water decals from Born Pretty Store.



Anonymous said...

Berry you should try the white glue base coat trick when you wear glitters. I promise, it makes removal a DREAM. It's the only way I'll wear glitters now!

Anonymous said...

Alayna at Pretty Purple Polish did a great tutorial post about it.

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