Monday, September 29, 2014

Asian: Etude House Colour Play! Art Play! Texture Play! #128 and #130

I tried to google but came up naught in the search for names of these 2 polishes featured today.
I gave up eventually,
but not before I added a whole bunch of other polishes that came up in the search to my wishlist.
Darn. I swear I better get my arse down to Korea sooner rather than later.
Maybe a trip there next year?
Anyway, the 2 polishes featured today are part of a huge collection released by Etude House.
The collection is called Colour Play! Art Play! Texture Play!
Seriously. What's with all that play and exclamation marks?
It feels like shouty capitals,
and irks me to type all that out.
So with all that exclamation,
what's is this huge collection all about?

I've browsed a few local outlets and checked out the online catalogues available.
At a quick glance,
I'm pretty confident that most of these are the older polishes re-packaged.
So not exactly all that exciting to me.
3 coats + HK Girl TC
Glitter in black based.
Primary glitter colours are blue, pink and some sort of silver-gold.
This one looks pretty good in the sun.
3 coats + HK Girl TC
This one reminds me of candies and sweets.
All those candy colour glitters in a wonderful milky white base.
This one suits Easter completely,
unfortunately its just that I'm in the wrong season right now.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Asian: No Time Butterflies

First. I realised I haven't done a theme week at all for September,
and since this is the last week of September,
I figured I should just get theme week in.
Having said that though,
I barely have time for nail art the past few days.
My dad had to go for surgery
which meant I had to help out at home,
and there was a lot of sudden work deadlines to meet all at once.

So yeah.
Nails were the last on my mind the past week.
Even the nail art I put together for today's post was a rushed job.
And it shows.
So anyway,
I saw that I have been neglecting some of the Japanese and Korean polishes in The Stash.
Primarily because most of them are glitter bombs,
and while I love them on the nails,
I dread the removal.
So I thought I might as well dedicate a week to them.
At least I can wear some
and not feel so bad about buying so many of them.
Hence today's nail art.

I thought I could do a quick glitter gradient and stick on some water decals.
But I guess I grabbed the wrong glitter.
Polish used here:
Estessimo TINS #029 The Surf Boy.
Water decals from Born Pretty Store.


Friday, September 26, 2014

MAC A Novel Romance: Before Dawn

I haven't bought nail lacquers from MAC in a while,
not since they upped their prices.
Besides I always felt it was a pain in the ass that whenever I get to a MAC store,
more than half the items from a new collection would have been sold out.
It got to a point that I hardly even stepped into a MAC store.
I would just walk past them without even giving them the cursory glance.
It's a good thing then that I had all the time in the world for a leisurely birthday shopping spree,
and an extra good thing then that I was browsing the make-up section of a departmental store,
when I chanced upon MAC's new collection in-store now:
A Novel Romance
(Don't like the posters though)
MAC Before Dawn,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Before Dawn is a muted, grey-cameo green with a sheen of green shimmer.
It's a gorgeous colour for fall and the green shimmer is to-die-for.
Application was also great,
it was butter-smooth and the 2 coats went on easy-peasy.
I'm so glad this polish caught my eye,
and that I didn't pass it up.
It's what I wanted but didn't get in Zoya Gemma.
If I had to do a Top 20 this year,
I'm pretty sure this one would be in.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Picture Polish Collaboration Shade: Tail Feather

One of my more recent purchases.
I haven't been buying much polish these days.
Instead, I seem to have this purge of wanting to clear out The Stash.
My polish closet has been getting too messy despite my best attempts at organisation.
Tail Feather by Kayla Shevonne.
3 coats + HK Girl TC.
Bright mint-green polish with multi-coloured shimmer.
In direct sunlight, the shimmer comes together as a silver sheen.
The individual colours in the multi-coloured shimmer were only more apparent in the shade
or in low lights.
The only slight drawback was it's thicker formula.
The first 2 coats I put on were a bit patchy as a result,
but a third coat would even it out.
Apart from that,
I adored the fresh and pretty colour of Tail Feather.
Of course, the next time is to see how I can use this in nail art.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Dance Legend Lumos Collection: Orlando

Another Dance Legend love.
And I only realised after I bought Orlando,
that the Lumos Collection was Harry Potter themed!
Another plus, the light built into the cap!
It makes me feel like I'm holding onto a lighted wand.
And now I must get my hands on Nox in this same collection.
Just so I can switch on the light, shout "Nox!" and switch it off.
*Cheap thrill*
1 coat Orlando over Orly Saturated,
topped with HK Girl TC.
Multi-coloured flakies in a pinkish-purple tinted base.
This looks really good.
I told a friend that these were rainbow-hued fish scales.
She ended up looking at pet shops for fishes,
because my "nails were so pretty, (I) want a real-life rainbow fish to look at"
And how could I not do a matte flakie manicure with this!
1 coat Orlando over Chanel Orage,
topped with Nubar V for Men Matte TC.


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