Saturday, August 16, 2014

These are a Few of my Favourite Things: Purple Holos

Of all the different types of polish finishes,
my favourites are crèmes and holos.
Crèmes for the simple reason that they're really good for nail art.

Holos however are just plain awesome.
They're rainbows in a bottle,
rainbows on the nails.
And I love rainbows,
the in-real-life rainbows and the holo rainbows.
Rainbows are just special and magical,
they make me happy with their colours and their presence.
*Any wonder why this is my fave keychain?*
Although I love all shades of holos,
I have a weakness for purple holos.
And purple isn't even my favourite colour at all!
My favourite colour is red,
but my favourite polish shades are green and blue,
but purple holos are THE BEST.

Weird eh?
China Glaze LOL,
from the legendary OMG Collection.
2 coats, no TC
My camera makes it a wee bit more periwinkle than it really is.
Colors by Llarowe Winter 2013,
Woman from Tokyo,
2 coats, no TC.
Dark purple holo.
Too many pictures of purple holo awesomeness.


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