Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Birthday Presents from Me to Me

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'll probably be out pampering myself.
I'm supposed to be saving money for another trip,
but I suspect I might just end up adding to this already huge birthday haul:
First up, stuff from Etude House.
It was just 5 min into a Etude House store,
and I left with these:

Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nails!
There are 5 kits in this collection,
but I only got 2 that appealed to me most.
Kit #1 Dalmatian Bunny, and
Kit #2 Analogue Bunny.

These have bunny shaped glitters!
I have ideas in mind for how I want to use these!
Seriously. Don't they just look adorably sweet?
Love Etude House's packaging.
They're one of the best.
These are from the Etude House Tropical Aqua Nails Collection.
However, I had a hard time trying to google names for all of them.

From left to right:
#255, #260, #264 Paradise, #267, #268 Fiji, #274, and #277.
The glitters drew me first,
but I picked up a couple of base colours as well.
Well. I needed a neon green and yellow anyway for Halloween.
Hopefully, I'll be able to find names for the rest of the polishes soon.
And lastly,
a couple of water decals from Etude House as well.
Other polishes that I picked up:
OPI Pussy Galore, Orly Sparkling Garbage and Saturated.
I was with a friend when I picked up this trio.
He was completely amused when he looked at the names of the polishes.
He wants to know reactions especially when people ask for the name of the OPI.
That said, I've already worn Pussy Galore,
and its gorgeous.
So much so, I'm contemplating getting Solitaire.
From Moyou London, where I went a little overboard with my order:
The Festive Collection:
# 1
# 3
# 4

# 5

Explorer Collection #10
Scholar Collection #6
Hipster Collection #5
Bridal Collection #7
And the new Tropical Collection that made me go ga-ga:
# 1

# 3

# 4

And my favourite of the lot,
# 5

Lastly, a Born Pretty order where I went COMPLETELY overboard with water decals:

Another stamping plate and a wheel of silver and gold flat-bullions
Some shell and moustache studs
And here's the water decals galore:
The water decals in the last pic were probably gifts since I don't recall adding these to my cart.
As for the nail foils,
those would be my first.
I've always been hesitant with trying foils since most seem a wee bit smaller than my nails.
However, I loved the look of the branches for this one,
so I'm going to brave them.
Phew. That was a lot of photos.


Kayleigh said...

Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a wonderful one!!! Enjoy your fabulous BD haul and I will look forward to your swatches! =)

Berry T said...

Thank you Kayleigh! I had a blast! Non stop feasting, being pampered and shopping for a week! Feeling really loved by family and friends and that's the biggest gift!

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