Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Distressed Watercolours + Stamping

Once I had all my OPI Sheer Tints,
I was excited to try recreating the Watercolours mani that I've been seeing all over Internet.
I added a little twist to mine,
and attempted to swipe on the Sheer Tints using the distressed method.

It was interesting how the Sheer Tints behaved when I did that.
I ended up with splotches of colour,
something which I suspect had to do with the consistency of the Sheer Tints.
I loved this so much that I didn't want to remove it,
even when it started showing signs of wear.
Instead, I chose to add some subtle stamping over it using Konad White polish and its plate m64.
Again, I loved the end result:
I have a few more ideas that I would like to experiment with the tints that I have.
Hopefully, I'll get around to it soon.


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