Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July's Nail Mail

The last of my nail mail for a little while.
At least, until it's time for my birthday spree.
I'm a huge Korean drama fan.
So there was no way I could resist a collection that was inspired by it!
RBL Anatomy of a #KDrama:
Instant Amnesia, Not Your Baby, Oh Slap! and Will They, Won't They.
Huge haul from Llarowe.
First up, Picture Polish:
Chillax, Storm, Tail Feather and Tiffany.
Yes. I'm also a Dance Legend fan:
Kiwi Smoothie, Final Fantasy and Deco Dance (Llarowe exclusive)
More Dance Legend:
Mavka, The Knight (limited edition) and Orlando.

Plus a bottle of A-England The Knight basecoat.
I actually ordered 3 bottles of the basecoat,
but only got 1 bottle in the package.
I really hope Llarowe would be good about sending the other 2 bottles that I paid for.



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