Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Yet Another Gradient

I finally started at my new posting!
My new office is situation right smack in Orchard,
which is touted as Singapore's busiest shopping district.

Best part thought,
my new office is just a traffic junction away from one of my nail polish supply store!
Heh. My friends and former colleagues are all predicting that I'll be burning holes in my pockets!
The only unfortunate thing right now though,
is that I need to find a space where I can take pictures of my nails during lunch time.
Well, the fact that its our busiest shopping district isn't exactly helping,
since it's all skyscrapers, shopping malls and people around.
And this is the first set of nail art I wore to the new office.
It's a simple sponged gradient using 2 of the Revlon Amazing Spiderman polishes:
Super-Powered and Gwen's Crush.
The dress code at my new office is way less conservative than where I was previously,
and since well, we're in Orchard,
it seems like everyone is dressed really nicely with nice manicures.
However, I've not noticed anyone with blue nails or nail art yet,
so I figured I shouldn't go too overboard for now.
So far, no one has said anything about me sporting plain blue, orange and the likes.
Hopefully, it'll be safe.



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