Monday, June 30, 2014

June's Haul

So, my Relapse Prevention (RP) Plan failed completely and miserably.
I hauled like crazy this June.
So much for a low buy:
I found Model's Own Speckled Egg Collection at our local drugstore Guardian's.
4 of them followed me home thereafter:
Swan, Magpie, Duck and Dove.
Found the Cosmoprof OPI exclusive on someone's Store envy,
and couldn't resist:
OPI Feel the Mo-heat-oes Green.
Bought the other 2 OPIs during lunch break one day:
OPI Push and Shove (yeah, I'm finally caving in on this),
and OPI Green on the Runway
I find Revlons super expensive in Singapore.
The normal retail price for a Revlon would have been SGD$12.90.
Special collections are usually priced higher than that.
And my US friends can pay like USD$2!

So when Revlons were at Buy 1 Get 1 Free at the recent Watsons sale,
I jumped to get them.
Unfortunately, there weren't many colours at the Watsons I was at,
so I only managed to bring 2 home:
Trendy and Chic.
Then one night, I saw this really pretty polish on Mei Mei's Signature's fb,
and knew I had to get it:
Mei Mei's exclusive (LE) Pretty & Polished Pretty 1.0
Last but not least, a trio from Tony Moly:
GR02 Fruits Cereal, GR11 Moon Light, and SH05 Step Blue.
I'm still waiting for nail mail from Llarowe and RBL.
And I had to stop myself from shopping on Moyou London or Born Pretty Store for more nail art stuff.
Man... I really need to re-work my RP Plan.



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