Friday, May 23, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie: Autumn Spice

My camera is back!
Completely overjoyed!
Got the call this morning and I immediately went to collect it!
Next thing to do was to get these photos taken.
I missed my camera so much,
and I missed getting pictures of my nails.
Never realised how much it's become a routine in my life until now.
And I'm quite glad that I have on a pretty polish today as well.
Autumn Spice,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
The inability to take photos and the resulting disinterest in wearing polish
made me cave and break my no buy.
In fact, I've been buying quite a bit
and I blame it on the technicians who took their time to repair my beloved camera.
So when I came across the Revlon Parfumerie collection recently,
I bought myself 3:
Autumn Spice, Balsam Fir and Wintermint.
Of the 3, I loved Autumn Spice the most.
It's a chocolate brown polish with gorgeous gold-brown and red glass-flecked finish.
I took pictures in my apartment lift as well,
as it's where I loved looking at it the most.
The lights in the lift bring out the colour shift the best.
As most of you guys would know by now,
the polishes in this collection are all scented.
To be honest, scented polishes are often a miss with me.
I have sinus and I'm extremely sensitive to scents and smells.
On bad days, even standing next to the perfume counters in departmental stores
can give me a bad headache.
So most times, I proceed with great caution when it comes to scents.
Well, I was most pleased when I realised that the scent in Autumn Spice isn't overwhelming at all.
In fact, it didn't bother me at all unless I put my fingers right to my nose and took a big whiff.
Also, it smells exactly like what its named for and was surprisingly pleasant!
I think of thanksgiving, food and spices when I have it on.
Heh. I think of this as awesome fall in a bottle.
And man... don't you think the bottle itself is pretty darn cute?
Well. I think 3 isn't going to be enough for me.
I'm going out soon to take a better look at the rest in this collection.



Elizabeth said...

Ooh, it looks like I might need this one too! Gorgeous, gorgeous shifting colour. I'm really sensitive to scents as well (I can barely walk past Crabtree & Evelyn without getting a headache ;p), so I'm really glad to hear these aren't that overwhelming. This is going on my shopping list!

Berry T said...

Heh! Glad to have enabled!

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