Monday, May 5, 2014

Japan Haul: Nails and Make-up

I finally got down to taking photos of my Japan haul.
I bought a lot of stuff, and its not just nail polish or nail art stuff.
I also bought make-up and skin care.
Let's just say that my luggages were bursting at the seams.

Today's post will be on the nail stuff and the make-up.
There's just too much of the rest.
Nail polish from Japanese brand Addiction:
Hippie Market, Complex, Nessie and Black Leopard.
Black Leopard is a black tinted topcoat,
so I'm very curious as to how this one would turn out.
Addiction was a brand that I was really looking forward to.
In fact, I also bought their make-up,
the colours are just to-die-for!
I only wish it could be easily available outside of Japan.

Nail polish from pa:
#kiki02, #AA103, #AA108 and #AA36.
pa came up with a Sanrio series with Kiki and Lala (aka Little Twin Stars).
I had to stop myself from grabbing the entire set on display.
My first YSL polish: Jade Imperial.
And a polish from Daiso: Winmax Luvangel in #200
Interestingly, I didn't get much nail polish this round,
even though it was nail polish galore in Japan.
A lot of the nail polish I saw were sweet candy colours,
which isn't really me.
But, I also think I've reached a stage where I would think of the overflowing Stash at home,
and refrain from getting similar colours.
In fact, apart from these polishes,
I haven't bought any new ones for the past month!
However, I did succumb to the galore of nail art stuff.
Mostly nail art stickers actually.
These were also part of the pa Kiki and Lala collection.
I also managed to get my hands on a couple of nail art magazines.
Unfortunately, I couldn't carry more as I had to watch out for excess baggage.
These were the eye shadows from Addiction that I couldn't resist.
Very pretty, shimmery colours:
Horizon, Silent Scream, Mariage, Morning Squall and Ice Storm
Addiction eyeliner in #12 Lady of the Lake.
This is my first foray with a red eyeliner.
Hopefully I won't end up with vampire-like eyes.
If not, I'll know what to do for this year's Halloween.
Then I found another local make-up brand, Yojiya.
Yojiya originates from Kyoto,
so I was purposely watching out for it while I was in Kyoto.
Spent a bomb though when I finally got there.
Make up base, liquid foundation, UV protection for normal days and one for sports.
Blusher and highlighter
I bought more stuff in Yojiya, but they were things like hand cream, lip balm, etc.
I might post about them when I get around to organising them.



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