Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In Memory of C: Nail Presents

During one those times when C was feeling better,
she went out to get me 2 bottles of Anna Sui polishes.
I was super touched when she gave them to me,
as even then, a trip out could easily tire her.
These 2 polishes were also used in the last set of nail art I managed to show her before she left us.
Anna Sui #103,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Dark blue shimmer.
Unfortunately, the wear wasn't so good with this one.
I just had to wear the 2 polishes together,
so I did the thumb in the other colour.
Then, a few days later, I reversed the order.
Anna Sui #370,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
Pink crème.
I miss you dear.



Kayleigh said...

This post is both heartbreaking and beautiful...

Berry T said...

Thank you Kayleigh for your kind words

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