Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February's Haul

Since February was such a dismal month,
I guess it was okay that I busted my polish budget in doing some retail therapy:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls X 2 bottles.
OPI Pink a Peach (Japan exclusive), and
OPI Pink Cupcake (also a Japan exclusive)
I think I may hit a milestone soon in my polish habit.
My current bottle of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls is now almost hitting bottom,
and it will be the first bottle that I would have completely used up on my own.
Then I stayed up a couple of nights, just to get these from CbLs from Llarowe:
Smooth Criminal,
Rocking my JuJu,
Single Ladies,
Precious Metal,
Orchids are Better than Roses Any Day (ORBTRAD),
Unorthodox Annie,
Best Day of my Life, and
Bronco Blue.
Managed to snag a Dance Legend Rich Black #923 Green Mamba as well.
Well, I almost got Good Golly Miss Molly as well.
Had it in my cart, but I didn't know that cart hold wasn't in operation.
Damn. Should just have checked it out immediately together with Orange Crush.
Drove me mad when my cart came up empty.
Also picked up a couple of polishes from Etude House:
#130 and #128.
I haven't been able to find names for these 2 polishes.
However, while doing a Google search,
I read that Etude House released these as part of a Play Collection - Color Play, Art Play, Texture Play.
here's a total of 130 polishes in the initial collection,
but I'm very certain that most of these are re-releases from earlier collections.
What's intriguing me though are the coming collections to be released.
Now those, I'm certain would be new polishes.
Just gotta wait patiently for them to reach our shores!
Part of the latest A Poem Collection offered by Rescue Beauty Lounge:
Small, Dim, Summer Stars,
The Mosses Mar,
Foothpath, and
Forgotten Road.
Ok, those of you who remembered I broke a tooth?
That's when I went really crazy at a annual beauty fair:
Le Chat Dare to Wear polishes:
Upper East Side,
Top the Box Office,
Lady Luck,
Trios Electricos, and
Ready for my Close-up.
The Le Chats came with a free mini-set.
These will be the first few Le Chat polishes that I now own.
I've been wanting to try them,
so when I saw Le Chat at the fair,
I went nuts.
My very first texture polishes!
Zoya London and NYX,
China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns and Shell We Dance?
To be honest,
I'm still a little hesitant about textures.
Hopefully I'll like these ones that I got.
OPI Did You 'ear about Van Gogh?
and a Sephora freebie I got after getting Shampoo: Purple Jewelery.
I've no idea why its named as such though.
It's definitely no purple.
Lastly some Art Club stripers.
There. It's a huge haul right?
Yeah. I need to clear a lot of space to fit these into the closet.



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