Friday, March 14, 2014

Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate

Rounding up the week's posts with one on a HTF polish:
Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate,
2 coats over Nfu-Oh Aqua Base, no TC.
Brown linear holo.
I swear its almost impossible now to get your hands at an Enchanted Polish during a normal re-stock.
I've tried staying up at night,
having multiple devices just trying to get in, etc.
And all NA-DAH.
I've given up.
They're lovely, but man, it's not worth the hassle.



MC van Kuler said...

I think it is super beautiful, but if it is like hell to get them.. that is so dissapointing.
So maybe there is really something like being 'too' succesful...
It's sad, because it looks so great on you.

Berry T said...

Thank you for the compliment! It is very disappointing especially since the online pictures of those EPs make me drool. Oh well, I keep telling myself I have too many polishes anyway, so a little less wouldn't hurt =)

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