Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A-England Lancelot + OPI Fireflies + OPI DS Shimmer

Mid-week picture heavy post here.
I've mentioned before that I would be moving off to a new position at work.
While that move has since been delayed,
I still have to embark on some training for it,
which essentially means some weekday nights and weekends are gone.
Last week I barely had time for my nails,
so I ended up layering polishes.
Hence, today's "evolution" post:
A-England Lancelot,
2 coats + HK Girl TC.
All right, this one was supposed to be blackened red.
Sure, I could see the red in the bottle,
but on the nails, it's essentially black.
Not that I mind another good black polish.
OPI Fireflies,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
On its own, Fireflies is just meh.
Sheer champagne with golden green flash.
Plus, it was exactly the kind of shade that I tended to avoid,
as it would otherwise turn my skin a pasty grey.
Boy. Am I glad I gave it another shot as a layering polish:
1 coat Fireflies over A-England Lancelot,
topped with HK Girl TC.
Man. Reddish-brown to green duochrome.
Don't you think it looks awesome?
I took some pictures indoors as well.
In the apartment lift too.
Then, as if the layers were thick enough,
I added another layer of DS Shimmer.
I guess I was hoping to get at one of those indie version of the holo multichromes.
I should have just saved that DS Shimmer coat though.



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