Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Week: Broken Hearted

Today's post features a manicure that failed at every level.
First of all, the feature polish that I chose:
Color Club East Austin.
The swatches are done in 3 coats with a coat of HK Girl TC.
I have to say, the polish itself was ok.
The 3 coats I applied had no issues,
the colour in the bottle reminded me of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy,
which is actually a favourite of mine.
However, East Austin just looked terrible on me.
It turned my hands a pasty grey.
And I had such high hopes that this would look good.
Then the water decals I chose for this were a pain in my ass.
Usually, I would peel the water decals from the film backing after soaking them in water.
However, I had a hard time with these,
and ended up getting more broken hearts.
It was only when I got to the last 2 nails that I discovered the trick to this.
Instead of peeling, these water decals seem to be the transfer sort,
that is, after soaking, I pressed them onto the nail for the image to be transferred.
That's how I ended up with the more decent thumb and index nails.
As much as I liked the idea,
for the amount of time I spent doing this set of nails,
and the frustration as well with the colour and the decals,
I don't think I'm going to try improve on this anytime soon.



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