Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Heart to Resist

I'll be starting February's theme week,
and its a no brainer as to what the theme would be.
Really. No prizes for getting it right.
In fact,
I'm pretty sure almost everyone would be doing something Valentine related by the end of this week.
Today's nail art features a Japan exclusive OPI:
Heart to Resist.
It was from a Limited Edition Happy 10th Anniversary collection.
The next post I'm writing will be the other polishes from this same collection as well.
As for the nail art,
I've actually done this particular design when I first started out blogging,
and in fact, I think a few variations of it as well.
But I wanted to revisit the original version
(ok, still with a twist)
since my initial blogging photography skills sucked big-time.
(I guess I really didn't know what I was doing back then.)
In fact, I'm probably going to revisit some of my earlier nail art over the next few months.
Hopefully, this would also rekindle the nail art passion as I seem to be in a nail art pit recently.
Its been getting hard to come up with ideas to translate onto the nails.
Items used for the nail art:
OPI Heart to Resist,
Color Club Ruby Slippers for the tips,
white rhinestones
(Yeah. I did say I should start sticking stuff on my nails)
Accent nail in OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
lipstick stamping in Zoya Sooki
and Bundle Monster plate BM 303.
And yes, I need to work on my stamping skills still.
Anyway, those of you who own Heart to Resist,
you might want to check on it.
It looked as though the red hearts in mine are starting to bleed.
A couple of the hearts had the red come off even as I was applying it onto the nails.
A real shame since this was one heart glitter polish that was really pretty.



Unknown said...

The LIPS! Cute idea! Going to try this freehand! ;)

Berry T said...

Thank you! I'm so glad that this nail art could inspire you :)

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