Monday, February 24, 2014

Essie 2013 Neon Collection: Shake Your $$ Maker

Hey guys, I'm back.
I'm so sorry that the Valentine Week seemed to end a little abruptly,
followed by the lack of post for the past week.
Well, I fell incredibly ill suddenly,
so blogging was the last thing on my mind really.
To cap things off,
I got so giddy when I stood up,
I fell badly and broke a tooth.

Yeah. It was a pretty bad week.
But I didn't let that stop me from enjoying nail polish.
In fact, those events just provided me an excuse to go on a polish spree.
Of course, it didn't help that there was a beauty fair just the past Monday.
I'll post the hauls up separately.
Heh. This also means I've got to clear space again.
So there'll be a purge post tomorrow at 9 am Sg time.
Stay tuned for it!
In fact, I got some of the new China Glaze City Flourish polishes up for grabs.

In the meantime, today's post features the nail polish I wore when I had my fateful fall:
Essie Shake Your $$ Maker,
4 coats + 1 coat HK Girl TC.
Grass green jelly.

I've seen other bloggers put it over white,
but I was too lazy for that
and later, I didn't really want to bother with this one anymore.
Yeah. I think the name's ironic.
Obviously it doesn't sit well with me. Haha.



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