Friday, January 3, 2014

The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex Yogurt Nails: #2 Vanilla Sugar Yogurt

This was the other polish that made me cave in my no-buy.
Remember the 2 polishes from The Face Shop's Lovely Me: Ex Yogurt Nails Collection
that I had posted sometime back?
Well, I bought one more from that pretty collection:
#2 Vanilla Sugar Yogurt,
2 coats + 1 coat HK Girl TC.
Rainbow glitters in a milky white base.
It just looks so fresh and cheerful!
Best part is, this one's pretty cheap in Singapore.
I love it when I get a lovely polish that doesn't kill my wallet!



Elizabeth said...

I love this collection! Got this one (which is so cute on you, btw!) and wound up going back to get them all. ♥

Berry T said...

Thank you! And I'm the same as you! I caved and bought the last 2 polishes from this collection too! It's just too pretty!

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