Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Oriental Lacquerware

The Chinese Lunar New Year is just round the corner,
and put me in the mood for some oriental nail art.
I had in mind something simple,
and this was what I ended up with just 2 days ago:
Nail art that reminded me of lacquerware
I've had a couple of interns attached to me recently,
and they were quite astounded that I was a nail polish fiend.

I mean my colleagues have since gotten used to me,
and they no longer blink an eye when it comes to me and nail polish or nail art.
But man, it felt good when those intern went a little ga-ga over this nail art.



Rhea said...

That's a really pretty and festive manicure. Love it!

Berry T said...

Thank you Rhea!

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