Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lunar New Year Week: A-England Holy Grail

I've actually been waiting to do this post for a while.
It's not like I have a lot of old and re-vamped versions lying around in The Stash.
Holy Grail, the old version.
2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC.
Bright yellow gold.
Not exactly something I will wear on its own,
but great to have around for nail art.
Holy Grail, the new version.
2 coats + 1 coat HK Girl TC.
Burnished metallic gold with a wee bit of green shimmer.
Now this one is more to my liking.



Julie L said...

OMG!!! These two nail polishes are both so pretty. I prefer the second one for the color is just so pretty and perfect for any occasion. I think its okay with out any designs or glitters on it. Simple yet classy!

Berry T said...

I'm glad you like these too Julie =)

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