Friday, December 26, 2014

My tiny Bangkok Haul

I only bought a bottle of polish,
even though I saw tons of Zoya and other stuff there.
But what really excited me most was these nail wraps I picked up:
So gonna use some of these for Valentine's Day manicures!
Then a couple of random nail stickers.
I sort of regret getting these now though.
Should have gotten more of the nail wraps instead.
And the one single bottle of polish I bought:
Revlon Girly.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014: Christmas Candles

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones!

Today, I have another review for Born Pretty Store.
I admit, I picked some of these items for review with Christmas mani ideas in mind!
I have been wanting to try chevron nails for the longest time,
but never got around to getting guides or those vinyls that are so hot now.
So when I had the opportunity,
I just knew I had to do a Christmas chevron manicure!

My friend decided that this looked a lot like her Christmas candles,
hence the title!

Polishes used:
China Glaze 2030,
and Girly Bits Eggnogoholic.

The chevrons were created using guides sent for review by the good people at Born Pretty Store.
Initially, I was worried that the guides from Born Pretty Store would leave a sticky residue
when I peeled them off.
Thank goodness my fears were unfounded.
But I did find that they could stick quite firmly to the nails,
so remember to leave some sticking off your nail edge for easy peel-off when done.
Here's the quick link to the chevron nail guides if you're interested.
And remember to key in the promo code BERRYG10 for a 10% discount!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014: Reindeers for Christmas

My apologies for the short hiatus!
I went away for a short trip to Bangkok over the past few days,
and didn't have enough time to set up posts for while I was away.

In fact, I just got back!
And barely in time for a Christmas Eve post!
Anyway, today I have for you reindeer glitters that the good people from Born Pretty Store sent over.
I have to say,
these were pretty cute reindeer glitters.
I just stuck them on with a dab of base coat on the back,
and sealed them with topcoat.
These reindeer glitters were listed as being about 3 mm in size.
I managed to get them flat on my nails and they didn't poke or snag on anything at all.
A plus point in my opinion.
Just felt that my idea of a manicure didn't do them enough justice.
My taping was horridly screwed up,
plus I managed to hit my pinky on the table.
Something I've not done for quite a long while.
If you're interested in getting these reindeers, here's a link to the item.
And an additional plus! A promo code!
Key in BERRYG10 for a 10% discount when you check out at Born Pretty Store!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Colors by Llarowe: Oh Christmas Tree

CbL Oh Christmas Tree,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Oh Christmas Tree has been described as a deep green holo,
but to be honest, I feel it borders on being black to me.
The green in this one isn't particularly strong.
But the holo is AMAZING.
If the photos in the sun is not convincing you,
check out how my manicure looked like in my apartment lift.
I took a joyride in the lift just for this:

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Presents for Myself

I've been trying to keep to a low buy the past few weeks.
I've realised that The Stash is now out of hand,
I can't even remember which ones I've worn and which ones I've not!
But then I figured Christmas was a good excuse for me to get some Christmas presents for myself!
Even if it was just 4 polishes.
The China Glaze All Aboard finally hit my favourite store,
and I bought myself the 3 that I had been eyeing all along:
Choo-Choo Choose You, Lug your Designer Baggage, and Mind the Gap.
Then I happened to chance upon Lippmann Xanadu at a departmental store,
and I decided it should also come home with me.
The good people at Born Pretty Store also contacted me to do some reviews.
Well, since I've pretty much been using their nail art stuff already,
I figured why not?
I was allowed to choose 4 items for review:
A packet of blue feathers and some nail guides.
I've been wanting to try a feather manicure for a long time,
so this was a good opportunity for me to get started.
A packet of water decals and some reindeer glitters.
Yes, yes. I know. More water decals?
When I already have tons from them?
What can I say. I'm a sucker for pretty water decals.
And as I was browsing through their site to make my choices,
I found so many more items that I wanted.
When I realised I was still thinking about them a week later,
I decided to just go get them myself.
Yes. More water decals.
And tons of nail wraps.
Nail wraps are going to be my next craze.
And some really cute nail studs that I just couldn't resist.
So it looks like there's going be some reviews coming up soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nail Art Weekend: Christmas Snow

Recently I've been hooked on Pinterest.
There are so many gorgeous photos and inspirations there to be found.
It's like being able to shop for your dream ideals online
without having to spend a single cent
Today's nail art is inspired through Pinterest,
and here's the source of the original manicure.
It's really pretty simple and yet fun.
I love how the original one is so classy as well.
Items used for my version:
Art Club stripers in Green and Green Glitter,
Picture Polish Storm.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nicole by OPI Glitters for Holiday 2011: Glitter in my Stocking

I've been cleaning my polish closet recently,
and found quite a number of polishes that I had forgotten that I had.
This was one of those "lost-and-found"
NOPI Glitter in my Stocking,
2 coats + Seche Vite TC.
Warm gold glitter with a generous smattering of red and silver glitters as well.

Well, cleaning my polish closet also means that I've been pulling out polish for destash as well.
So watch out for a purge post soon!


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