Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Possibly the ugliest glitter topper in The Stash...

Essence Snow White Collection:
#03 Doc.
2 coats + 1 coat SV.
Orange crème that reminded me of the egg yolks I had in Cambodia.
Etude House Dear My Party Nails PWH905 Boom Boom Boom,
2 coats over the #03 Doc manicure,
topped with HK Girl TC
Boom Boom Boom consists of bars and diamonds glitters
in white, black, red, silver and purple.
Seriously, I hated it in almost every way possible.

The glitter pay off was terrible,
I had to resort to gooping 2 extremely thick coats
just to get at that sparse amount of glitter you see in the photos.
You guys should have seen the bubbling that happened on the other hand as a result.

I hated the look of it as well.
What I had thought of as an interesting glitter mix,
turned out to be awful on the nails.

Horrible. I got this off as soon as I got those photos.



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