Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cirque Dark Horse Collection: Ophelia

I've had a couple of Cirque polishes for a while, but
this is the first time I'm actually wearing one.
To be honest, there are so many indie brands now floating around,
that I've lost track of what's out there.

Not that I'm especially interested at this point in time too.
It's gotten to a point where there are just too many glitters floating around,
it kind of gets overwhelming and that turns me off a little.
Cirque Ophelia from the Dark Horse Collection.
Periwinkle blue glitter in clear base.
I remember choosing this one over Essie's Stroke of Brillance.

1 coat Ophelia over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls,
topped with HK Girl TC.
It looked fresh and clean over white,
but I very much preferred the look of it over black,
as seen in the next few photos.
1 coat Ophelia over A England Camelot,
topped with HK Girl TC.
Silly me only thought about the possibility of a gradient halfway through this particular manicure.



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