Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Box, Indied (October): Black Cat Lacquer Came Back Haunted

It's way after Halloween,
but really, who cares when it comes to nails?
Besides, I thought of today's featured polish as more New Year Party than Halloween Horror.
From Llarowe's October A Box, Indied:
Black Cat Lacquer Came Back Haunted.
1 coat Came Back Haunted over 1 coat A England Camelot,
topped with a top of HK Girl TC.
Black jelly with micro holo glitter and multi-coloured shards.
Came Back Haunted was a surprise winner.
To be honest, I doubt I would have picked this one up on its own.
Of the 3 glitters that I've tried from this box,
I felt that this was the best in terms of look and formula,
even if it didn't scream Halloween to me.
*thumbs up*



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