Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nail Art Saturday: Halloween Eyes

Hey guys! So sorry for the week of non-posts.
I came back from Hong Kong to exciting news:
My organisation has agreed to second me to another job position!
Hopefully with this new opportunity,
I will be able to learn more and further develop my professional self!
With this pending move, I've been busy since I returned from my holiday,
and haven't had time to edit photos or blog during the weekdays.
Posts should be back to normal now though.
In addition, I will likely be doing several blog sales over the next few weeks.
I have a portion of The Stash in the office,
and will definitely need to clear some away to facilitate my moving.
As it is, my colleagues are wondering how the hell I'm going to pack everything up.
My work space is like a mini war zone with papers, snacks, nail polishes and soft toys.

So just watch out for blog sales coming up k!
So nail art for this weekend:
The last photo was my attempt to capture a pic in "spookier light conditions".
Erm... Not exactly very successful.

This set of cutsie Halloween eyes was done immediately upon return from Hong Kong.
It's a really quick and simple nail art,
and one that still caught quite a bit of attention.

Pls excuse the cuticles though.
As usual, they needed a bit of time to recuperate from changes in weather conditions.
Plus, it was pretty cloudy the day I got those photos taken.
Polishes used were:
A-England Camelot, and
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls



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