Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hong Kong Haul

I'm back!
No nail art or swatch posts though,
I didn't have time for nail art or get any photos ready.
Instead, here's pictures of what I brought back with me from Hong Kong:
Initially, I had no clue as to where these polishes were from.
It was only after Google,
that I realised that I had managed to pick up 2 different collections from The Face Shop.
Lovely Me: Ex Yogurt Nails Collection:
04 Lemon Candy Yogurt, and
05 Strawberry Milk Yogurt.
Now that I've seen the online pictures of this Lovely Me: Ex Yogurt Nails Collection,
I feel like I want them all!
Face It Coloured Paper Nails Collection:
CMX321 Tropical Candy, and
CMX322 Lovely Pop.
Then I happened to chance on a shelf of random Estessimo TINS:
048 The Fancy Iceberg,
038 The Maharaja Palace,
014 The Juicy Banana,
408 Ma Cherie, and
029 The Surf Boy.
From a new-to-me Korean brand Hope Girl :
Nail Travel Bling Bling Set in 07 Blue Soda.
2 Zoya polishes that have eluded me in Singapore:
Lotus and Aurora.
Lastly, the OPI Mariah Carey Pure 18K White Gold and Silver Top Coat.
This one set me back quite a bit,
but as I had some trouble getting the previous gold leaf top coat version,
I thought I might as well get it when I see it.
OK. I damn well overspent in Hong Kong.
Which means I going to go through The Stash to cull out items to purge again.
Darn the next credit card bill.


milktea said...

Can't wait to see your swatches! :)

Berry T said...

Some swatches coming up real soon!

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