Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Glitters: A Box, Indied: Jindie Nails Screaming Halloween

I did say that I loved Halloween releases right?
So when Llarowe announced that the very first theme for her subscription box was Halloween,
I was sold and determined to get my hands on it.
Yeah, I didn't even check out all the swatches or which brands were involved.
I just saw a couple of them and then dived straight in.

Ok. I kinda regret that now.
I need to keep my buys down,
and those in the October box aren't exactly that spectacular
or are they polishes that I would consider must-haves.
And since I am in desperate need to keep my polish count down,
some of them are going to have to go.
The first one to catch my eye from the box:
Jindie Nails Screaming Halloween.
3 coats + 1 coat HK Girl TC
This is my first time trying a polish from Jindie Nails,
and I guess its ok.
Screaming Halloween is a mustard crelly
with glitters in the shapes of crescents, stars, hexagons, circles and diamonds,
and a bit of shimmer to it.
Glitter colours included neon green, black, orange and purple.
Unfortunately, as you can tell from my photos,
I couldn't get any of those stars, crescents and diamonds onto those 4 nails.
It's not that they just existed in the bottle,
but for some reason, those glitters just landed on nails other than the 4 photographed.
So if you are someone who's insistent on ensuring all glitters were represented on most nails,
then you're probably better off fishing for them and then dabbing them on.
The strange mustard colour was what caught my attention,
though it probably won't work with most skin tones.
Serious I think it's best on zombies,
but it does grow on you.
I had it on for 2 days, and by the end of the second day,
I was a little reluctant to remove it.




Jules said...

Love it! this mani is so pretty. Love the color and I find it unique. This is a must try!

Berry T said...

I'm glad you like this =)
It's going up for sale tomorrow!

Jindie Nails said...

Sorry the polish disappointed you. I was trying to make a zombie colored polish (think Frankenstein) and at the same time be original. There are no other polishes like this on the market. The starts are meant to be sparse as not everyone likes a lot of big glitters in their polish anymore.. Sorry you were disappointed. Check the Feb box, you may like it more...

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