Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nail Art Sunday: Mid Autumn Oriental Win and Fail

Another delayed Nail Art weekend.
My apologies once again.
I was ill and spent my Friday night hanging over the toilet bowl,
hence I wasn't able to get the post up for Nail Art Saturday.
Anyway, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival the past week,
and that was the perfect opportunity for some Oriental nail art.
Since I had a couple of new stamping plates that fit the theme,
I figured why not.
A couple of months back, I ordered several stamping plates from a Chinese site Tabao.
I've never ordered from the site before,
and would never have done so as my Mandarin isn't all that great.
So I'm thankful that I was part of a mass order,
because I fell head over heels in love with some of the stamping plates.
Like this one here: QA7.

This was the correct orientation.
I have a tendency to forget about orientation whenever I stamp.
Inky Whiskers! This one's for you!

Used the Konad white and stamped over the previous OPI My Very First Knockwurst.
Absolutely loved how delicate this one looked!
I kept sneaking glances at my nails while at work.
I've seen several who have used white and blue too,
and those looked like china plates or vases!
So I'm going to attempt that combination too one day.
And since I was high from that first stamping success,
I figured I could do another one.
Unfortunately, the second stamping turned out to be a major fail.
The QA63 plate was also part of the Tabao mass order,
while the Suki #02 plate was one I ordered from Moyou London.

I was aiming for a chinoiserie look with lanterns since it was the Lantern Festival.
However, my images were not crisp,
and my placing was horrible.
Heh. As you can tell,
I couldn't really be bothered with pictures in the end.
Base colour was Zoya Sooki,
gold stamping was done in A-England Holy Grail (the old version),
and the lanterns were done using Konad Black-gold.

Nevermind, I shall attempt to re-create a better version of this.



Gemma said...

Berry, I love both of these gorgeous works equally -- you should by no means consider the second one a fail. Can't wait to see how your next attempt of the lantern mani turns out!

xo Gemma

Berry T said...

That's nice of you to say so Gemma! I hope my second lantern one would turn out much better so I could let you all see!

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