Sunday, August 18, 2013

OPI Germany Collection: Don't Talk Bach to Me

A group of local polish lovers got together on Instagram,
and they have started a series.
If you use the hashtag "polishtogether",
you should be able to search for the other lovely manicures.
I almost forgot about today's birthstone series:

I've always wanted to participate in this group, but
a) I'm a dinosaur. I still haven't gotten used to Instagram.
b) I'm not always conscientious in following and participating.
But I really wanted to do this one,
for the simple reason it's my birthstone.
Plus I love the images they used for the poster.
OPI Fall 2012 Germany Collection:
Don't Talk Bach to Me.
3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Ok, this one isn't the colour of a Peridot,
but the poster allowed for yellow-green or lime-green nails
and this OPI bottle has ben calling out my name for a long long time.
Don't Talk Bach to Me comes across as mustard-green
with subtle silver shimmer that comes out to play only in strong lights.
This is definitely one colour that not everyone would appreciate.
Those of you who loved the unusual colours in the earlier Shrek Collection,
should also find this one interesting.



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