Wednesday, August 21, 2013

China Glaze Monster Ball Haul + Howl You Doin'

I can't believe that I had just talked about it in my earlier post!
And here they are!
My haul from the China Glaze 2013 Halloween Collection Monster Ball:

Howl You Doin' and Fang-tastic
Ok. I cringed a little at the names.
Bat my Eyes and Boo-Gie Down.
And I immediately put on the one that excited me most in the bottle!
Howl You Doin'
And got super disappointed.
Ok, I know.
Not the best bottle shot done.
2 coats of Howl You Doin' topped with 1 coat of HK Girl TC
This one contains purple (ok, maybe blurple) glitters and rose-pink flakies in a deep plum-purple base.
It looked fantastic in the bottle,
and I thought maybe China Glaze found their answer to OPI's Merry Midnight or Orly's Fowl Play.
I wanted it so much to be the next big thing.
But alas. It sucked.
The polish was thick and I hated the application.
I advise those who get it to wait in-between coats.
Unfortunately, I suspect because the polish was so thick,
the glitters and the flakies seemed to sink into the base.
I didn't think that they stood out.
They just seemed so lost in that dark base.
And if you're one of those who anally demand that their manicures be smooth as glass,
make sure you feed this one at least a second coat of TC.
As you can see from the pictures,
the mani was still pretty bumpy with that single coat of TC.
I can only hope that the others will be less of a disappointment.



Kayleigh said...

Wow, you are extremely fast! HYD looks gorgeous in the bottle, but too bad it turned out this way. Maybe it is a 'not fully sand texture transformed' polish XD

Berry T said...

Yes Kayleigh! Actually when I chanced on a post in FB about Orly's Matte Flakies, I wondered if Howl You Doin' was intended as one or as half-baked sand texture polish!
I really wanted this one to work as it was so damn pretty in the bottle!

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