Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nail Art Saturday: Scallop Holo

For some reason,
most of the pictures I took for this set of nail art turned out terrible.
These were the only semi decent ones left from the entire crop.
Polishes used are:
Jade Delirio Rosa,
Jade Vermelho Surreal,
and OPI DS Exclusive.
My second attempt at scallop nails.
The first attempt was an absolute disaster.
And I had thought that this would be a simple design to do after watching tutorials.
Even then, with the second attempt,
I found that the tips ended up being very thick with all the layers.
Even though I used holos,
it was very difficult to dry.
In fact, I smudged the nail on my pinky like 3 hours after doing this!
Love the design,
but I gotta think of a way to resolve the matter of too thick layers.


Cupcake Cat said...

I love this tho, beautiful colors and beautiful design :)

Kayleigh said...

This mani is so sparkly!

Berry T said...

Thank you!

Berry T said...

Haha! Yeah! The rainbow was so pretty I didn't mind the smudges all that much :)

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