Friday, July 12, 2013

June's Hauls

I haven't done a haul post in quite a while,
and since I've been having difficulty getting pictures of nails,
I guess today's haul post can fill the gap for now.

Plus I want to give a shout-out to etailers with great customer service (CS).
I've been buying quite a bit recently.
I guess its retail therapy to combat the stress at work and with the home renovations.
Femme Fatales: Quivering Heart, Hydraxia, Incendius and Miasma.
I've already worn and posted about Winter Hyacinth,
which was bought together with this batch.
The Penelope Luz haul that I had hinted at in earlier posts:
Bellatrix, Modern Art, Wizard and Sarcasm.
I'm a Harry Potter fan,
and I couldn't resist Bellatrix and Wizard.
More Penelope Luz: Luxury, Superstar, Ocean Jewel and Blue Bird of Paradise.
I bought these from Color4Nails.
This is one great etailer with awesome CS.
My parcel was initially missing Modern Art.
When I checked with her and sent her a picture,
she immediately offered options of refund or to send me the missing polish.
When you know you can trust the etailer, what do you do?
You buy more!
That's how I ended up with those Femme Fatales and the Alanna Renee (AR) below.
And you can bet I'll be getting more.
Another Penelope Luz polish that didn't make it to the earlier pictures, Lotus,
and AR Reptar.
Reptar looked and sounded interesting, and I couldn't resist.
I was thinking about getting the Magical Collection as well,
but I couldn't bust my polish budget anymore.
A fellow local polish lover alerted to a DC'ed polish sale,
and I managed to get my hands on a precious bottle of OPI Absolutely Alice.
I also picked up OPI Which is Witch retail.
Had given up trying to get this glitter via my usual source.
Picture Polish via Susan from The Subtle Shimmer:
Cosmos, Ocean, Hope,
Frosting and Whimsy.
I love that whenever I place an order with Susan,
her parcels reach me super fast.
In fact, I remember being very pleasantly surprised
when Frosting and Whimsy reached me in under 2 weeks.
Catrice has also arrived in Singapore at selected Guardian Pharmacy stores.
I bought these at the City Link outlet:
In the Armee Glow, Hugo Moss, Squeeze Me, Petrolpolitan and Shopping day at Bluemingdales.
From Q00 (otherwise known as Gmarket previously):
A glitter polish from Missha
(sorry, forgot to note the name of the polish)
and a lemming that I finally found.
Etude House If Story Nail Kit I.
This set was part of their 2012 Halloween limited edition set,
and contains 2 polishes #01 Halloween Witch and #02 Magical Spell.
I already have the second set in this series, If Story Nail Kit II,
but had difficulties getting hold of this first set.
Lastly, a haul from Mei Mei's Signatures:
A-England basecoat,
A-England Burne-Jones Dream Collection in Sleeping Palace and Fated Prince,
and HK Girl Glisten and Glow Fastdry TC.
I have a second haul coming from Mei Mei's Signatures with the remaining polishes in the A-England Burne-Jones Dream Collection,
as well as some Emily de Molly polishes.
*Terribly excited*
Best thing was,
I didn't realise I had a VIP discount code and that it had been upgraded.
Mei Mei noticed that I haven't been using it,
and on her own accord,
went to calculate the discount and alerted me about the price differences.
How wonderful and personalised is that?
Love it when online shopping is so enjoyable.


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