Monday, July 1, 2013

Abstract Pandas and I haven't been working on the blog...

I'm so sorry I missed out on Nail Art Saturday,
and so soon when the idea was just started.
However, I had a massive problem on my hands,
and it took all of my time and energy just to deal with it.
I wrote previously that I was going through a massive home renovation.
Boy, we were all so glad when it was all over.
No more noise and dirt and grime,
no more cleaning and washing.
Best part, a lovely home and spanking new furniture.
I still can't believe that it is not the end.
Barely a month after, my mother started finding sawdust on the kitchen cabinets.
Initially, we thought maybe we didn't do a good enough job cleaning them.
However, it became a recurring event.
So we took a closer look.
Bloody hell!
We found little transparent insects crawling all over the wood.
We knew then we were in deep shit
and kept praying that these weren't termites.
We hollered for the contractor who did our kitchen,
but he kept brushing us off.
Until we threatened legal action,
only then did he haul his butt up.
Even then, he hemmed and hawed.
Dealing with him alone,
is already enough to make my blood boil.
By then we got really pissed and worried.
I didn't want the infestation to spread to the rest of the house.
So on Saturday, we proceeded with the demolishing of the barely 1-month old kitchen.
If you're squeamish or if you're eating something,
you can skip the first photo.
But I just wanted to give you guys an idea of the shock we had when we finally demolished the cabinets.
This was the base of my new cabinets.
Full of mould and little brown insects crawling all over.
So my entire week and weekend was spent dealing with this.
I erupted into a shouting match with the contractor on Saturday,
and we spent Sunday re-calculating our budget and re-tabulating what we would do.
I walked around with a 7-day old mani that was already peeling off.
I guess that would give you an indication that the blog wasn't even on my mind.
This morning, I took a little time off to wait for my new contractor to come and assess what needs to be done.
It gives me a little time to explain to you guys,
and also to give everyone a heads up to irregular posting for a little while as well.
I still hope to be able to find time to at least schedule posts,
but this warning is a just-in-case-I-don't.
So here's the 7-day old mani that I walked around with.
I don't even recall on which day I took these pictures,
but yeah, it explains the drying hands and cuticles.
So please excuse that.
We had a branch envisioning exercise recently,
and the dress code for the day included blue and white.
Hence the nails.
Items used:
Orly Au Champagne,
Etude House My Deep Color Nails in DBL602 Maybe Navy,
and reinforcement stickers.
My colleague was the one who thought I was going for pandas.


Cheryl said...

Oh no, that's really quite bad! I can't believe there are termites there after one month! If the contractor doesn't give you back your money then try going to the Small Claims tribunal.

Kayleigh said...

That is terrible! Let's hope that the new contractor is a more honest person. The mani looks great and they are indeed abstract =P Good luck with the renovation!!!

Berry T said...

Cheryl, I think it was a small blessing that it wasn't termites. But I have no idea what those brown insects really are although I suspect wood lice. I've already filed with CASE online so will see what happens after that.

Berry T said...

Thank you Kayleigh! All I wish now is for this ordeal to be quickly over.

Kerstin said...

Oh, what a dissapointment. And the stress.. I'm living in my garage over a year now, because during the rebuilding of my house the new windows and doors are no good and we also have a lot of problems with the contractor. So I know what you're going through.

Berry T said...

Oh man.... over a year?! We've only been going through this since March and I'm ready to scream. Ok, yeah I mean I have screamed. But jeez. Over a year?! Sending all my prayers that you and your family get it over and done with real soon. Hope yours will get done real soon.

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