Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Paint Splatter

My first attempt at doing the paint splatter nails.
I didn't realise that it's that tough to blow polish through a straw!
I felt like Aunt Marge (from Harry Potter) about to explode.
And while I didn't exactly inhale any of the polish,
I think the fumes got to me.
I coughed the whole of the following day after this mani was done.
Could someone pls share some tips with me about how to get this done easier?

Polishes used:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (base),
Essence Black is Back,
H&M Samba, and
Hits Specialita Hello Kitty in Melon.
I have to say, despite all that,
I do enjoy the end result.



Dolce Vita said...

I also was thinking about this :D
Too afraid to try it :(
But looks so cute on you, good job!!

Berry T said...

Thank you dear! But unless there's an easier way, I don't think I will readily attempt it again

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