Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nail Art Saturday: Checkers

Since it's already June,
I sorta did a mid-year review of my 2013 resolutions recently,
and part of my thoughts also included this nail blog.
By the end of last year, I found myself dreading blogging and all.
So I told myself to take it slow and to re-capture the joy of this hobby.
Part of why I got hooked onto nail polish was nail art,
but unfortunately, I had less and less time for it.
I've since tried to make it a point to at least do some nail art at least once a week.
So far so good, even if I had little time,
I could still manage something that was really simple.
I figured since I got this going,
I'll have a regular Nail Art Saturday series.
Let's see how this works out k
I haven't grown my nails this long for quite a while.
However, I think I have since come to prefer shorter nails.
Base polish here is China Glaze Fade into Hue,
the lines are drawn freehand using gel pens.
I love the concept of using gel pens
and I've since went to buy a whole collection of gel pens in various colours.
Gonna try them out on a few nail ideas soon!



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