Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Picture Polish Paradise by Liquid Jelly

I can't decide if I like today's featured polish...

Last picture was taken in the shade.
Picture Polish Paradise,
one of the collaboration polish with Liz of Liquid Jelly.
3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Metallic teal shimmer base that is packed with very fine purple glitter,
and a dash of violet holographic hexagonal glitters.
For some reason though, even with TC, the end result is a little flat.
I wouldn't exactly call it matte,
but it's the main reason why I can't make up my mind whether I like it or not.

One thing for sure though,
its a really unique one in The Stash.


Monday, May 27, 2013

May's Blog Purge

Rules of the purge:
Locals and internationals (except those in the UK) are all welcomed.
However, I would like to request for your feedback,
unless you have purchased or swapped with me before.
Sorry, but I've suffered some losses recently
so I'm a little wary now.
And sorry about the UK folks,
but I think nail mail is still a problem right?
Any transaction will be done via paypal or POSB bank transfer.
All prices are in USD.
Internationals, I will only send via registered post.
I will send the shipping quote after confirmation of order.
Please place your order in the comment section by stating which ones you would be interested in.
(I check the comments faster than I check my emails)
Please remember to leave your email, and your country,
so that I am able to get in touch with you with a shipping quote.
Need cash and need to de-stash as well.
I'm open to swap offers too
and it doesn't have to be a 1-for-1 swap.
Pls do list down the polishes you wanna swap with,
and I do have the right to reject, so don't be offended.
Current on my wishlist:
1) Sinful Zeus
2) Chanel Taboo
3) Lynnderellas (try me!)
So polishes available are:

All with boxes:
RBL Moxie - $14
RBL Ani - $10
Paul & Joe #007 Dapple - $8

All with boxes:
MAC Rain of Flowers (BN, bought an extra) *sold*
MAC Brown Bag - $8
Lippmann Glitter in the Air - $12

Etude House WH012 - $6
Etude House PK002 - $6
No brand glitter, #39 (BN) - $1

A close up of the no brand glitter.

Nfu-Oh #125 *sold*
Nature Republic BK002 - $1
Tony Moly Galaxy Nails in GT01 Mercury - $4

BB Couture Night Ops - $3
BB Couture Laguna Lagoon - $3
BB Couture Green Goblin - $3

Holika Holika Funky Purple - $6
Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuschia *sold*
CG Boundless Color in #420 Pink Twinkle/Rose Brillant *sold*

Candeo Colors Jellybean - $7
Candeo Colors Voodoo *sold*
Candeo Colors Plumage - $7

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer in As If! *sold*
Cult Nails Living Water - $6
Lynnderella Pentimento *sold*

Orly Lemonade - $2
Orly Androgynie - $2
Orly Buried Treasure - $2
Orly Catch the Bouquet (brush is half-cut) - $2

Essence Spot On - $1
Essence All Access - $2
Sinful Fiji - $1

Golden Rose #54 *sold*
Golden Rose #224 - $1
Megan Miller Coral Bliss - $4

China Glaze United - $3
China Glaze Roguish Red - $3
China Glaze Zombie Zest - $4

Love & Beauty Indigo - $1
L.A. Girl Metal Antique Gold - $1
L.A. Girl Metal Metallic Olive - $1

Misa Phazers on Stunning - $2
Elianto Egg Shell - $1
Nubar Toga Purple - $2
Maybelline Express in Jean Jacket *sold*

Barielle Polished Princess - $2
Bloom Elle *sold*
Essie Avenue Maintain *sold*
Essie Monkey Business - $2
Free gift with every purchase of 3 items.
Each person allowed 1 free polish.

Love my Nails Pink Glitter,
CG Boundless Color,
Candeo Color Orchid (color has faded)  *not available*,
P2 Crackling Topcoat in Black Explosion,
bpretty silver glitter,

Close up of how Candeo Colors Orchid has faded.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Sheer Ivory,
Wet n Wild Whose Lips are These?,
OPI Alphine Snow (will need thinner)  *not available*,
NYX Girls Hibiscus,
Nivea Violet Tulip,

Milani Key Lime Shine,
L.A. Colors in Moody Red *not available*,
L.A. Girl Nail Hardener in Metallic Green,
George Superstar *not available*,
SpaRitual Mini in Clarity,
OPI Nevermore mini,
and Sephora #57

Close up of George Superstar.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dirty Dancing

I caught the Dirty Dancing musical today.
Loved the movie when I was still a kid.
And the dancing in the musical was great!

Of course I had to do my nails in hot pink for today!

I would liked to have done something more elaborate,
but because of the renovations,
I had to be happy with just stickers.

And on some days, I just hate macro.
They show all the flaws.
Pls do ignore the cuticles,
I was running late and forgot to moisturize.
Base polish was a H&M one called Samba.
It was just so apt I had to go with it!


Public Service Announcement: Blog Purge

The next blog purge will be held this coming Monday,
27 May at 9 am, Singapore time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BB Couture Laguna Lagoon

BB Couture Laguna Lagoon
Minty fresh green creme.

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC.


Monday, May 20, 2013

The Spanking New Polish Column

My room is almost done,
and I've packed all my stuff into the new closets.
I spent an entire day just dealing with The Stash.
This is why:
the insanely huge amounts of polish and nail art stuff.

And here they are all nicely packed away.
Each section is a color all on its own.
(That's when I realised I have too many pinks)
It didn't occur to me to have the carpenter make drawers until I started packing.
But oh well.
I still love how I now have an entire column in my wardrobe that's just for The Stash.

And an additional result of all the sorting and packing?
This huge, over-flowing box of polishes meant to be swatched and purged as soon as I can.


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