Monday, April 22, 2013

Taiwan Haul

I'm back from my holiday!
Had a blast in Taiwan and we promised we will be back again next year!

That said, I might still not be able to post often.
The dreaded home renovations has started.
It's been either a sandstorm or a dust-storm at home,
and it has triggered a horrid sinus reaction as well.

I'll still try to post whenever I can.
For today though, I'm going to show you guys what I hauled back from Taiwan.
It's a much better haul compared to last year.
Interestingly, I wasn't watching out for them unlike last year.

I guess that's life,
when you look for something, it doesn't appear.
But when you stop looking for it, it's everywhere.
Same with buses.
 When you are late, the bus never arrives.
But when you don't need the bus, it just keeps coming.
(Well, that's what I told my boss today).

Pupa Lasting Color in #811, #812, #810 and #809

Pupa Holographic Nail Polish in #035 and #032
I feel like I'm going to regret putting back the pink one...

Nature Republic in #AGBK001, #ASGR601, #AGRD503 and #AGMT002.
The last 2 had labels which indicated that its from a "Fly to the Moon" Limited Edition collection.

Ciate Paint Pots in #087 Glametal, #072 Twilight and #108 Spending Spree.
I had to get the last one since it completely described my Taiwan trip! Haha!

Faceshop #BK901.
Tony Moly Lacquer in #GI09 and #GI04

And lastly, ice cream cones from Etude House!
#4 and #3,
these were the 2 colours that I didn't see in our Singapore stores.

There were more,
but I couldn't get more as I was over-spending and running out of luggage space!


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