Monday, April 8, 2013

Inspired by Toms

Today's nail art post is inspired by my new pair of Toms shoes.
I'm currently likely to be running around Taiwan in them!
When I first saw them online,
I knew I had to have them!
They're just too cute!

Image taken from Toms site.

I'm sorry but I was using my old camera,
and forgot to tune the settings as I was out in the mid-day sun.
Hence the pictures are kinda over-exposed,
but I think you guys will get the idea behind the nail art.
And if you are interested, items used are:
OPI... Eurso Euro, and gel neon pens



Cupcake Cat said...

so cute!!!!

Berry T said...

Thank you

mzigs said...

This nail art is really adorable, thanks for the idea!

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