Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beauty Asia Fair 2013 Haul

While I sometimes hint at my crazy work schedule in this blog,
I must also say that some of my bosses have been pretty great.
We recently underwent a major re-structuring of the organisation,
and so things have just gone mad at work.

Despite that, my boss okay-ed me taking a couple hours off after a meeting
and I rushed down to the Beauty Asia Fair 2013.
I missed the event last year,
and would have been bummed if I missed it again this year.
Unfortunately, from what I understood, this year's event seemed less eventful.

By the time I got there on the second day,
many items were already sold out and not re-stocked,
or some of the newer collections were not even in yet.
I think my wallet weeped in relief when my wishlist was whittled down by more than half.
Despite that, my damage was pretty huge:

2 packs of Seche Vite TC (the huge ones),
Blue Cross Cuticle Remover (my first time trying),
Poshe basecoat and topcoat,
and a galleon of polish remover.

I had a hard time carrying that galleon home.
My collegues all wondered what the hell I was doing with detergent when I came back to the office.

Trio of Misa polishes that I've been eyeing for a while:
Working Hard or Hardly Working,
Paint my Nails @ Work,
Trust Fund.
Love these names.

Zoya Sooki, Orly R.I.P., OPI Glitzerland.
All 3 were on my wishlist.
And I was good.
I put back many many more OPIs and Orlys.

Lippmann in Cleopatra in New York and Lady Sings the BLues.
I was hunting for Lippmann Let's Go Crazy,
but no bueno.

China Glaze in Bad Kitty, Blue Hawaiian and Running in Circles.
I'm thinking of Running in Circles for a St. Patty's day mani.
Yes? No?

And lastly nail glue and some nail foils for nail art.
Here's a close up of the foils:

The Chanel logo,

Louis Vuitton's,

Silver crowns, and

who can resist Hello Kitty?!


Janis Lane said...

That is an awesome haul! Definitely use that green for a St. Patty's manicure :)

Berry T said...

St Patty's mani decided!

Elizabeth said...

What a great day's haul! Especially love those little Hello Kitty foils (so cute!!), and Blue Hawaiian looks amazing.

Berry T said...

Yeaah! The Hello Kitty was just too irresistable and what caught my eye first with those foils!

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