Monday, February 25, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Piu Mosso

Yesterday, I showed you guys a polish that I absolutely adored.
Today, I'm showing one that I'm absolutely disappointed in:

RBL Piu Mosso.

I got Piu Mosso in one of their "Bring It Back"s.
There was this period where I was kicking myself in the ass for not getting it originally
when it was released.
The online swatches I saw were amazing.
I fell in love with the copper shimmer that was so apparent in several swatches.
I mean just take a look at that damn bottle!
I was freaked when I first laid hand on my bottle,
it was a "Holy Hell. I want this shimmer on my nails" moment.

2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite TC
Seriously. Where did all that damn shimmer go?!
So this one's going into the purge which will be held tomorrow instead of today.
(Just in case if you didn't see the announcement).



Sparkly Vernis said...

Try Estee Lauder Molten Lava :)

Berry T said...

Thanks for the tip. I went to google but it seems like the copper shimmer ain't that obvious either. *sigh* I have Girly Bits Cu Blue though. So I'm hoping that that will make up for it.

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